Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Classic Art Beautifully Updated for Modern Tastes

Dutch Touch Art  is a company that I found while looking at  some One King's Lane stuff.  I really did not know that I had missed the boat, so to speak -- that everyone else had already found it, and many were buying it. Clueless though I may have been, I was...well, I was in love. I have always thought that if the stuffiness of some of the art from past centuries could be eliminated, I would own as much as I could. And then, better late thqan never, I found it! This company offers an "updated collection of traditional classics, merging old with new".
 The work is done by artists who create the oil-based paintings, following the style of artists from their country of origin  -- such as the Dutch masters.  So, the old style is made new with brighter colors, more clarity, and  updated compostion and scale.  If you haven't seen it, look now!

This painting below, which I just love, is called  The Art Cupboard, after a 17th century painting 
by an unknown artist.  It is79" Wide by 59" High.

The Dutch Touch Art Company is a family-run business that has made me very happy. 
This is their website link: .

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Thank you Valerie for your lovely write up. We are delighted to be featured on your blog.

    Shawn Silver
    Owner, Dutch Touch Art