Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The chaises, the Audubon print:

The  windows, the walls:

The bookcases:

The architecture, the Luxury

The  pool, the ivy, the walls:

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Barcelona = STYLE

Leaving Baton Rouge after almost 3 weeks... 
so many wonderful people gorgeous architecture is going up,
 and it's hot but great... 
 Let's all hope the crazy crime wave abates quickly...Heading home to Atlanta  to reintroduce myself to my family...I am so excited! Future non-vacation trips away will be much shorter.
Here is one more not-at-home-post, about beloved Barcelona chairs...
Individuality, creativity and smart design are added to
 a wonderful energy in the many designs from or about Barcelona~
I have always wanted the chairs featured in these rooms...

Take a look inside....

So wonderful....
have a great day!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful, Unexpected, Fresh: Interior Lust

I am still out of town, bailing out some difficult but fixable situations...but you cannot keep me from grabbing any chance to peek at blogs and magazines, portfolios and articles about beautiful rooms:  I found these, they've made ME happy. 

May they inspire and raise YOUR  spirits too!

smart linoleum:

Have a great Day!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

two pretty spaces

I am in Baton Rouge for a week or so on personal business, which makes blog time short and sweet -- just like this living room and the back porch shown here -- 
Truly idea-worthy and admire-able spaces~

I need to find a camera -- the newer home designs here in ( I spent a lot of time here growing up, so I can say this...)overcrowded, traffic-infested Baton Rouge are complete havens of privacy, peace and beauty in design. Gorgeous!  --  

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The Sun, The Stars, The Style

Gazing at the stars, the sun, the planets...
really puts everything into perspective, don't you think?
And the inspiration!
 Well, how can one resist pointing out all of the delightful interior design connections and constellations that have been inspired by our fascination with the skies?!
 See what I mean? :

The stunning array ( or Array) of telescopes:

Thomas Pheasant's Constellation mirror:

dress up rustic kitchen cabinets with iron star knobs:
Planet - like:

Oh -- before I continue -- 
You may want to take note of this 
Venus-Across-The-Sun Event:
On June 5th and 6th ( see chart),
 Venus will become a spot moving across the sun --  not often seen.

On June 5, 6, 2012 :

Ok, back to Design from the skies:

Worthy of a "Frame it and Hang it" directive: 

Constellation-inspired bed design:

Very starry!


Constellation Chandelier:

 As looking up to the skies (conveniently, for me!) set the tone for today's images, 
so we see every part of our world reflected in our interior designs. Cool, huh!

Have a great day and Be sure to catch the very cool, astronomical  
Venus trip across the Sun occurrence!


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