Friday, February 24, 2012

Unusual New (and Old) Lighting Styles.

 Beyond  considering the illumination patterns of a  particular light fixture, 
you  think about how the fixture itself looks in the room.  
Have fun with these!

Gummy Bears. Really. I'm thinking, 
 for the Most Elaborate Nursery Ever?

A  cute little Industrial Steampunk piece. Bicycle chains and tire rims:

A favorite:  A chandelier consisting of a
  lightbulb surrounded by empty testubes....

and my Favorite  >> filled with water and flowers:

     A "found objects" fixture: cutlery surrounding lightbulbs.

Could this be called, Industrial Elegance?

I bet this look is beautiful at night! 
(Who loves those chairs? Not me....)

       This chandelier was installed in a Budweiser brewery 
in St. Louis designed to resemble hops:

   Very Cool, Modern Industrial:

Orange Murano Glass

          LED's and molded wooden stems -- The Constellation Chandelier from Studio 1 Thousand :

      Another Big Favorite:

Swarovski crystals, lights, suspended from a mesh steel structure:

It's a daunting task, trying to choose a fixture.
So why not imagine anything -- as long as it
works in your scheme --  because chances
are, it has been or can fairly easily be made.

Have a Bright Day!

P.S. one more, a really great one, from Russia:

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I had to restrain myself from adding more!

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  1. Who knew?!?! My favorites are the gummy bears and the lamp shades.... there are definitely some creative minds out there! :)