Monday, February 13, 2012

Non-Food - But Very Sweet - Valentines

Valentines Day 
It's not too late to make it awesome.
Zero calories, lasting memories, and a clear conscience go with these sweet Valentine's Day gift and celebration ideas.  Plus, many of them are D-I-Y and  take about 5 minutes to do...I heart the wonderful people in my Pinterest community for the images and most of the ideas.

A nice ribbon, construction paper and a helping hand makes a beautiful 
simple garland to keep forever. Perhaps put notes on the Valentines:

A paper airplane with a heart cut-out attached, a sweet note...

For a man or a woman, one simple flower, with a look of love, will always work.

Love pipe cleaners!



Make together on Valentine's Day; Frame the memory.

If cash flow isn't an issue....

If your "Valentine" has a heart of stone, print this and make it into a card, or frame it.

And if you must do food:  pretty flowers, wine, cheese, fruit, bread, a fireplace, cushions and blankets, privacy, and your Loved One.

Have fun getting ready!

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