Thursday, February 23, 2012

Color Made This Room

We have all experienced The Transformative Power of Color in a room :                                     
 They should all be red... 
Just kidding. The "shoulds" have no say in this.
 Thinking outside of the box makes things more interesting.

Just take a look, and think about the colors,
from  - and on -  the ceiling to the floor.

Jan Showers

Mary MacDonald

                                                         I love the pink hiding in the curtains:

                                                                  Jan Showers

                        The so-called “painted ladies” of San Francisco: Their colors say, "Look at Me!" 

We all know that color can evoke warmth, security, freedom, purity, even humor.
 But if that doesn't impress you, keep in mind that 
color can also add $$$$ value to your property.

Chromium Yellow, the original color of 
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Dining Room:

Color (and the creative, knowledgeable designers who chose them) made these rooms.
       Maybe they can nudge you to do something new with color.
       Have a great day!
P.S.  love this!

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