Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Safari Styles in Chic Design

Safari style rooms are so many things. The results can make you think you are on  Mount Kilimanjaro or they can be subtle accents that  simply reference rustic or exotic influences. The African influence can be found in  animal prints, carved wood,  pictures of  the wildlife,  art pieces, textiles, travel/touring gear like trunks...the possibilities of fusing the safari elements into modern or classical designs are huge! Wonderful.

I would LOVE to have this bathroom!

It breaks my heart every time I read National Geographic, and see how much the African continent has endured... So when I suggest Safari Style, I mean Safari with a Camera, and respect for the land and its people.

This is a style that should HONOR the beauty and wildlife of Africa.
 FAUX fur, FAUX ivory, FAUX anything-that-poachers-go-after is fine. 
 Real versions are, by definition, ugly and unacceptable. But you know that. 

 Have a beautiful day!

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