Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kitchens: Endless Choices, So Much to Love!

I am obsessed with kitchens lately. Mine needs a few serious updates.
With so many new materials out there (like Enameled Lava Stone!!!), and with some exciting new ways to mix it all up, it's hard to commit to just ONE kitchen. Sigh.  I'm longing for part of or ALL of each kitchen below:

I am seriously wanting this enameled Volcanic Lava Stone.
  I might go for it in a Brown:

It's like a fantasy eye-candy store to look at these kitchens with the various types of wood, stainless steel, granite, glass, lava stone, shelving, paint's like I said the other day on my post about cabinetry: 
I am in AWE of all kitchen designers!!!!!

Have a great day~

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