Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Shower, The Bath, and Some Fun Ideas

 I just finished up  my post for tomorrow morning , but I'm throwing this in : a very cool picture from today's paper of the world's smallest known reptile, a chameleon sitting on the tip of a  matchstick' So cool!

Ok, you may now read my scintillating screed on shower style....

The average American therefore spends more time in the bathroom than on vacation."
Here are ways to improve the use and enjoyment of valuable shower time:

First,  the Lowly Shower Curtain:

 the SAT Shower Curtain: (no pressure, kids...)
The Unusual Showier curtain
and a quick Google search will reveal zillions more.

And then let's hear it for Wall Decals!
Each element of this  bathroom is worthy of study.
It is filled with clever ideas, including these Clover-ly Lovely Wall decals:

Now for a few involved, more unusual sets of ideas....................
W O W 

That shower stall appears to have bamboo growing in it.
 It's the two glass panels on the back and 
side, imprinted with the bamboo design.

Simple, happy tile art:

More plate glass panel genius:

It looks like there is a goldfish swimming around IN the shower! 
(I want that goldfish shower!)

 Think of all the wonderful quotes you could come up with!

And far less sensational, but very sweet, this fish tile:

Very colorful, and if the bathroom is lined with bookshelves....

Aquariums are supposed to be wonderfully entertaining and relaxing.
And this is one Very cool idea!!!!!! 
But I might worry about the hot shower and
 the effect of temperature changes on the fish...

The old bathroom gets a quick and fantastic
 tuneup with this wallpaper photo:

So think about giving the bathroom shower/bath it's due: interesting, uplifting design.
Bonne journée~

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