Friday, February 10, 2012

Design with Big, Beautiful Birds!

 It's hard to go wrong with mirrors and botanical prints as wall decor --  and the scientific/biology-oriented nature designs are great. But let's remember the Birds, who, by the way, are descendants of Dinosaurs. So much new wallpaper has's gorgeous!  So think of bird-art as a great idea for your walls. And, when looking to put up those pictures, I say -- and, apparently, do many designers -- 
"The bigger the better!"

This one really puts the birds ( pigeons, not real) on display!



Of course, the amazing selection of John James Audubon prints is always going to be a great source of wonderful bird art.... also Mark Catesby, John Gould, Alexander Wilson...whether you like museum-type or folk art, birds work!

One of my favorite National Geographic articles ever (July 1998, p.96)  was called , There's a Dinosaur in Your Backyard. Talk about fascinating....
Anyway, birds are beautiful...why not put these kinder, gentler dinosaurs up on your wall?

Have an awesome day!


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