Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Modern loves Rustic Industrial loves Modern

The Soap Opera of Style
a short short story
by Valerie Kilpatrick
Valentines Day has come and gone, but the story of unrequited love between
 Modern, Rustic and Industrial design themes  must be told <cue the accordion to start playing something from a Fellini film soundtrack>  Sorry, folks, but the accordion drowned out the detials. Suffice it to say, sadly, the fact of being a third wheel became clear to Rustic who saw that  Modern was only able to stand so much of Rustic's looser more playful style. For that matter, Rustic disliked Modern's tendency to be cold and rigid. Rustic also sensed that Industrial found Rustic to be just a little too soft.   Industrial and Modern, meanwhile, delighted in  sharing the clean, linear strength of one another. Each found the other to be fascinating and irresistable. The fact that Industrial had many  characteristics of Rustic's appeal was not lost on Modern! Country meanwhile, had been in a corner, watching events unfold...

When we left them, Rustic, Modern and Industrial were  three styles who tried to blend in with each other. But three was turning out to be a crowd.  Country was still alone. In the corner. Waiting.
 Industrial and Modern finally realized that their true love must be expressed. It was becoming only too obvious that  Rustic was a "third wheel"in a developing romance....Rustic had to go.  Industrial was more than willing to provide Modern with any "rustic" appeal that would be lost by Rustic's departure --  a trait for which Modern would remain eternally grateful.  So, Rustic was alone, but only very briefly. 
Standing by, singing lonely tunes on the sidelines, Country had been waiting all along for  just the right moment to enter the scene. The time had arrived. Country made its move. Rustic, still stung by rejection, wasn't sure that Country's charm was the real thing. It took a while, but Country's patient charm began to mesh seamlessly with  Rustic's warm, relaxing ways. Rustic and Country found that they enjoyed a special harmony . Soon it was hard to tell them apart. It was clear to anyone looking on that they were always meant to be. 
Now-a-days, folks, the two couples get together in all kinds of unexpected ways, enjoying the  exciting blend of personality, toughness, discipline, relaxation, and age. 
Yes, my friends, Love evolves.

And so it goes...
Have a great day!

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