Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras Style, New Orleans Design

~ Inside New Orleans at Mardi Gras~
Ena! Ena!
Akout, Akout an deye
Chaque amoor fi
 nou wa na né
Chaque amoor fi na né

A Mardi Gras Indian costume and chant, spoken in
" Mobilian Jargon", an extinct Native American language consisting mostly of Choctaw and Chickasaw words and once used by Southeastern Indians, African Americans, and European settlers and their descendants in the Gulf Coast Region.

It's  Mardi Gras!  Party in New Orleans today, y'all !
 In honor of the day, and because I'm not there this year, 
I have  New Orleans design photos  and
New Orleans Interiors, Food, Facts, and Fashions:
New Orleans is a place where Africans (both slave and free) and American Indians shared their cultures and intermingled with European  ( mainly French and Spanish -- and Catholic) settlers. The result: a unique culture of music, food, architecture, and  Catholic Church-based celebrations 

Inside Nicholas Cage's New Orleans home:
Typical New Orleans courtyard:

Bars have no closing hour.
The food can be spicy.
Music is pulsating almost everywhere. 
The locals talk funny but seldom have southern accents.
They have a Saint Patrick's Day parade, Mardi Gras parades, Italian and French bakeries, people selling delicious sweet potato pies out of the baskets on their bikes...

    Delicious Beignets at Cafe du Monde~

        King Cake (yum) + King Cake Parties 
        given by the one who found "the baby":

In a gorgeous New Orleans home:

Come for a visit, but get your itinerary from the locals. Bourbon Street is NOT what the city is all about.
You will meet Italian fresh produce dealers,  you will see century-old Catholic, Lutheran, Greek Orthodox  churches and Jewish temples. 
You will pass near African American store-front churches.
You can try some of the soul food restaurants. 
You will hear the unique NewOlreans accent, and the lilt of Spanish spoken in the streets. 
Colonnaded houses, a whiff of jasmine blossoms, grits and cornbread on fine dinner menus...
New Orleans is a foreign place, more a European than an American city.
It is a very different place with a very peculiar history.

Try to catch his band, The New Orleans Suspects, among many others. 
The band  performs to packed houses all over the country, but their home is
 New Orleans,and you can hear  that in the music.  Their schedule is here.

The Mardi Gras Balls range from Funky to Fabulous

(Let the Good Times Roll!)

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