Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shiny, Happy Rooms and Furniture

It's going to be rainy Saturday here, so I'm focused on another way to let the sunshine in --
Mirrors, mirrored furniture, chrome, polished steel, gold and silver leaf....all of it give a room Shine.  The reflecting light makes a room seem a bit more spacious, and the sparkle lends a your room a lovely  touch of elegance. 

This first room is my FAVORITE:

I LOVE this 1940s Marbled Mirror Chest of Drawers:

Now isn't that so elegant? and happy? 
Have an elegant and happy day!

                          Oh, ok...I debated about putting this in...via Pinterest, a Swarovski Toilet~!

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  1. I'll take some sparkle and shine any day! (and that blingy toilet is too funny)