Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wall Art in Glamorous Interior Design

These rooms use artwork so well: to update, calm down, enliven, add a sense of history,
or as the focal point.  The hardest thing to do: coordinate artwork with  wall color, furniture, ceilings (two have gold paint) flooring and lighting .
Each of these rooms have very BOLD statements, and the artwork is a critical part. See for yourself:

Paintings add a certain confidence to a room...

 Photography is another art-form that  I just love.
Doing something as bold as this Lauren Bacall display is fun.  And real.
You could do it with your family pictures.


http://decorati.com  lynn scalo design

It does not have to be an original Monet, Kandinsky, or Warhol. It must, however, be pleasing. That means it must be able to enhance the room it's in, unless the room is designed to enhance the artwork itself.
Bold choices shown here got great results. Take courage from these examples, and throw in a painting or two!

Have a great day!

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