Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Last Minute Party Ideas

                     ~ Have an EASY last-minute party~
 Kick- Off is  at  6:29 p.m. ET
                    it's on NBC
And if you're into this , the Betting Line: Patriots -3, according to Bet Online.
                       Giants                                                                   Patriots
  • You can ask people to bring something, or you can hit the Grocery Store. 
  •  You need: Cookies, sodas, water, beer, liquor and mixers if you wish (and if you're allowed Sunday purchases of alcohol where you live ), veggie tray, chili (in my house, anyway), chips, dip, maybe a SuperBowl theme cake...
  • Set up bar, ice drinks
  • Do a quickie clean-up of the house, clean up yourself
  • Have a drink, turn on some music, turn on the TV low-volume for pre-game shows
  • When guests arrive, some will be offering to help --  they can help you put out the food.
                                Style: Relaxed attire, preferably football shirts and jeans.

Party or not, I hope you have fun with the game, the commercials, half-time ( Madonna!) or just a relaxing evening with a good book...
Go Giants!
xo Valerie

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