Thursday, February 2, 2012

Furniture and Phil

First, a quick notice, then cool design finds:

Happy Groundhog Day!
I guess if it's more of the winter we've had so far, that means it will be Spring-like one day and tornadic or sub-zero the next....
what a cutie : )

Ok, now to the Important stuff~
After checking on  e-mails and reading some awesome design blogs, I wondered if  could afford one or two pieces of the furniture and bedding... I hate cheap or knock-off-ish -looking stuff, but I do have a budget. I found the answer for me. Maybe for you, too.  I suggest that you give your attention to the Horchow's online catalogue. It's been years since I've really looked, and it seems so much better.  I am not a regular customer, and I am not getting paid to do this (sigh), but the newest pieces are affordable and gorgeous!  Take a look at just a few, and I think I'll go now and do a little online shopping...(my poor VISA).
Sleek, simple design, great shapes, and that mantle is interesting....

                                                              Annie Selke for Horchow

Rug, sofa, coffee table, mirror, side tabel -- all so chic.

I am so impressed with Barclay Butera's British Colonial look.
 (And his Plantation designs, and everything else he does!)

Sweet small crystal lamp

Unusual, striking Porcupine Quills Mirror. I wonder 
what a Porcupine Day might be for...oh, too random!

Peaceful, lovely abstract painting

Enjoy this Groundhog Day!


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