Friday, February 10, 2012

Nooks and Crannies

Nooks and Crannies mean warm, cozy, homey, secure spaces. 
That's what I found ... the trend towards smaller homes makes
SO much sense.

This first one is my favorite, thanks
 to the gorgeous book case cabinet:

The clean, simple yet rustic bed alcove:

This one is also my favorite thanks to....everything.

Cheerful Cozy, Securiity:

Farmhouses are said to be great for little nooks, crannies and alcoves, right?

                    Fort Building Kit via Saltwater Kids:

I would do this for the adults!  :

Harry Potter could have done so much with that
 stairway cupboard....he needed design magic!

                                     Cozy Guest Bedroom alcove hidden behind burlap:

If you have a cavernous home, find a cabinet maker, throw up a divider, a bookcase, or put in some built-ins....Actually, some of these spaces, especially these last two, would benefit greatly from lots of rugs, pillows, curtains....textiles and maybe even wallpaper to warm up the space, and to play up it's potential for mystery, character, and cozy security.

Have a Cozy Day!

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