Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Indoor Awning: A Great Canopy Bed Style

Viewing these images may just motivate you to think about 
putting a canopy over a bed;  at least, I hope you'll think about it ~! 
The canopy style that I am fixated on reminds me 
of the cozy, protected feel of a village shop's sidewalk awning.
 Peaks, crown, valences, gauzy draping, and fabric slopes are all variations of that idea...
This kind of canopy can be as simple or as fabulous as you wish...great for any room, any style. 

 I love the idea of an actual striped awning over a bed! 

Amazing how simple, gauzy fabric can add so much, 
completely changing the mood of a room:

Simple, banded drapes and valence over a bed
 (or, in this shot, interestingly, a bathtub!)
gives a clean, calm elegance to a room:

Crown by Jan Showers


Martin Lawrence Bullard :

The hardware holding up the fabric from the ceiling, 
and the addition of a mirror is a great touch I see a lot:

So cute, and by the way, where did that cool pendant come from?

This is such a well-designed room!

g o r g e o u s:

A full canopy prevents some air circulation  and may tend to close up a room. This drapery/valence canopy solution keeps the cozy, but solves those other issues.
 ...I always wish swing arm lamps were installed over
 the left and right corners of the head of the bed...

Pure style, great design:

Wow. Perfection would be a slightly taller headboard:

OOH! Classique!

 Such a timeless room (BearHill Interiors) :

If you can find some gorgeous fabric on eBay or someplace, look what you can do!:

One of these styles could be perfect for you~
Have a wonderful day!

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