Friday, February 17, 2012

Understated Elegance, Cool and Sophisticated

A  confident, secure person must live here. 
That is the feeling in the rooms I'm showing you today.
This is understated elegance, sophistication, and beauty..

These rooms are The Best:

Well, not a room, but definitely calm, cool and collected...
 Donna Karan

Suzanne Kasler

St. Regis Hotel.  

For many of us, perhaps the bohemian, shabby chic look is perfect for relaxation, a way to escape the rigid strictures of life. But for the rest of us, getting rid of clutter and color "noise"is the goal. We want  a very structured, very simple yet refined look that reflects unpretentious elegance, sophistication, and calm.

These rooms show us how it is done.

Have a Cool, Calm, Collected Day!

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