Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Industrial Pieces: Happy Budget, Great Style

Unexpected, sure to make a lasting positive impression, the use of salvaged vintage-industrial furniture  is an artistic triumph in interior design.   We can clean up and re-purpose these pieces in memorable, useful and clever ways. No one will be bored with your interiors. The textures and muted colors will create a calm and cozy feeling. How cool is that!

via House Beautiful

Metal desk, Industrial grate with loop feet:

Metal mesh shelving on wheels:



Via House Beautiful

    Work/machine table:

Machine table:

I am starting to think about buying lottery tickets so I can go out 
and outfit a home -- any home, modern, vintage, 
classic, suburban ranch -- with all of these ideas...  
**Each of the items shown can be found at the links below.
 Some may be sold out by now, but there are many,many more.

Have a lovely day!

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