Sunday, February 12, 2012

Expand Your Space with Cabinetry + Armoires

Not Enough Space?
Vintage, Traditional  or modern, cabinetry, hutches, armoires, and built-ins can be space-saving design statements in  any room in the house : the living room, guest room, study, kitchen (it can BE a kitchen) and bedroom. Check out  these beautiful solutions!

Rustic, retrofit with plumbing and a sink, a nice
 vintage mirror, this armoire is a Mini-Pub!

This built-in is a pantry with great style:

In the kitchen, hiding in plain sight, is the compact study!

A kitchen!!!  Great for an in-law suite.  What a cool
 discovery to make for a guest in a guest room at your house.

This is sort of a dresser/armoire : perfect for all of the lotions, 
potions, powders and gels that we girls use to enhance our loveliness~

        In a studio apartment, this cabinet unit separates the kitchen/eating area from the living room area. Meanwhile, it houses books, a desk, 
....and then it opens up and acts as a room divider. And out unfolds...

a Murphy bed...becoming this: a modern, cozy bedroom

Clever space-saving, stylish design, and, if you need to,  a great way to hide a mess!

I think I will try something like this in our "in-law" suite.
Have a great day!

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  1. where can i get the makeup dresser with the two mirrors