Sunday, October 9, 2011

We All Have Collections, Right?

Consider, if you will, that super collection you have packed away somewhere.
What about Hummel figurnes or  those pieces of silver given to babies in the family? Those often engraved cups, spoons, and rattles made of silver would look Great on a dedicated Christmas Tree, for example. My neighbor does that every year. (I'll try to get a picture.)  Maybe you have a collection that  belonged to a loved one, and it is now under a bed or up in a closet in a dusty box.  Maybe you have considered displaying. I have: My husband's vintage bottle collection that he dug up himself as a boy in NewOrleans.
Here are some pictures of collections that we can use as INSPIRATION:

A clever display is this group of old tractor seats up in the rafters -- and gussied up for Fall:

Shells, LOTS of shells, framed.
The beauty of Fishing Floats, along with rope
 knots, collected here in a basket by the door:

Here are a few pieces of a larger collection of  antique (early 1800s) spring scales, along with several  "blue and whites" that Richard Cotrell of My Old Historic House has collected. <more here
       They add such interest and charm:

Prints in a series? Yes. That is a collection.

Star Wars Action Figurine House:

Darth Vader tiles in the bathroom where more figurines reside (left).

This entire home is amazing.  <more here>

A map collection can become wallpaper:
What a great way to show off  the blue and whites:
Stairway display!  

Just had to include this from a Hampton Hostess post a few days ago. The image is from a book called Exotic Taste , written by art historian Emmanuelle Gaillard. Collections abound inside. Here's one:

Kevin Sharkey of Martha Stewart Living keeps his huge collection of Hermes boxes
in the shower!  During his apartment house-warming party, he had appetizers and dip
sitting there on the edge of the tub so guests would be encouraged to see it! 
Now that's welcoming:

Using the back board of a bookcase for keys...............................
And last but not least, and not against the law to do,
the floor of the Standard Grill in NewYork City:

What collections do you have?     : )

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  1. What fascinating collections. I really enjoy looking at the collections of others because they are so personal, unique, and a refreshing change from the expected trends that non-collectors are left to follow. Your selection of images proves that collectors overcollect. Myself included.