Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Bathrooms Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Ah, the Bathroom! We spend a good amount of time there. 

Why not make it happy?

How nice to start the day in  ... a place that is energizing yet calming...

Although I'd be the doors-closed type, this is my Number One favorite ever since I love greenery and views in bathrooms:
Rubber duckies do it for many, but I just like blue and yellow!
This piece of luxury below would be Very good.
 Wait, I might be too shy in front of that gigantic mirror....
This one, below, would be very happy --  in a Justin Bieber song kind of way.  
As long as the song is,
 "You Smile, I Smile",  I'm ok with it~!
Ah yes (add greenery?)

The blue and the green, the mirror, the layout, all the windows, 
the tub and shower...I'd add a few plants and love it.
Found this little gem (next two photos) at Home Bunch; rustic, elegant, and such beautiful use of space (I'd be adding greenery, of course):
                     a closeup shows that there is PLENTY of room for some plants:
 Greenery, and an overall wonderful earthy, grounded design:

I'd opt for curtains to protect passersby from shock....but WHAT a great, happy view! 
A bit out of my price range...greenery?

I bet that even the ugliest of bathrooms becomes wonderful with lots of wonderful candles!
~and greenery~
Rub a Dub Dub!


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