Monday, October 24, 2011


If you can knit or sew, you can 
save the lives of penguins in New Zealand.***

The sweaters keep them alive long enough to allow rescuers to get to them to wash off the oil.

On Oct. 5, a cargo ship ran aground in New Zealand, pouring 350 tons of oil into the ocean. The accident has been regarded as the country’s worst environmental disaster in decades.
so cute!
More than 1,000 sea birds have already died as a result of the spill, including THESE birds,the country’s native blue penguin population.

They are covered in oil, which means that they cannot stay warm enough to survive. The oil keeps them wet and destroys their natural armor against the cold. Also, they will be poisoned by oil that gets swallowed when they are trying to clean their feathers. 

 These SWEATERS,  or "Penguin Jumpers" will keep them from being too cold, and prevent them from swallowing oil in their feathers.

Below are the directions to make the sweaters correctly, and below that is the mailing address.

Penguin Jumper in 8ply  - Must be 100% Wool Yarn
1 pair 3.25mm , 1 pair of 3.75mm needles , 1 set of 3.25mm dpn’s or circular
Cast on 36 stitches using 3.25 needles.K1, P1 to end of row. Repeat this row 7 times.  Change to 3.75mm needles and K2, P2 rib. Work 4 rows increasing at each end of every row. (44 sts)
Continue until work measures 15 cms.
Decrease 1 st at each end of every row until 28 sts remain.
Decrease 1 st. in middle of next row (27 sts.)
Leave on needle.
Make second side the same.
Transfer the 54 sts from both pieces to 3 of the set of 4 3.25mm needles.(18 sts on each.) and work a round neck in K1 P1 rib for 10 rows.
Cast off.
Stitch up sides to decreasing to 27sts (opening for flipper). Add elastic to the top and bottom to prevent the penguins getting out of them. Top: 15cm of elastic; bottom 17 cm (knots allowed). Flat elastic OK.

Skeinz - The Natural Yarn Store                          < email: >
PO Box 3123, Onekawa, Napier, New Zealand

*** This information is via ABC NEWS and NBC news and was verified on the website. As of today, the need still exists.


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