Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tweaking the Design

Style has been tweaked a bit in these images. Wonderfully. 
 First, 3 Karin Blake designs. She was doing this work for years before most. Her mix-it-up, folk-industrial, very clean style is still ahead of the game. Awesome:

And the creative flow continues with many other designers. I've see a lot more experimentation lately on standard styles without actually breaking the mold.
I love all of the ideas here: using subtle detail or combinations of style or color to make a mark on the otherwise ordinary room.:

Sparks of originality and creativity are peeking through in each of these rooms.
  Within a "mainstream" format. That's NOT easy. Standard framework , yet managing to surprise and inspire. I love that.


!!!  via

            So talented,  Alan Tanksley:

Many sparks of color, from Houzz:



And from Kati Curtis
of Nirmada:

There is SO much to inspire in each image...

Good dog!



  1. Amazing pictures - I don't know which room I like best. I in turn will be following you. - Lana p.s. I love your profile photo. And I have a great girlfiend who lives Macon. Gonna get there one day soon.

  2. Ms. Thing. I was so glad to get your comment today on my blog, My Old Historic House. And especially glad that you are my newest follower. Guess what, I am yours. Thanks again for finding me and bringing me into your blog world. I hope to see more out of you soon. Have a beautiful fall day. Richard

  3. Thank you, Lana!!!!

    Thank you, too, Richard!