Friday, October 7, 2011

So many bedrooms, so little time....

Last week I focused on Bedroom-As-Sleeping-Room. Not today. Today is all about love.    
These are few of my favorites, of great bedrooms that are not ALL over the internet ( I hope)...
I can never decide on one favorite style, because any style is great when...when it is great. Ha!        
So here are a few of my 10 gazillion favorites. I hope they prove to be interesting,
    inspirational, and /or a nice relaxing look-see for you.

I think that cat hates that "bed"
      This first one is in Switzerland and I found it in Interiors Magazine
an online magazine full of interesting stuff.  (You knew that.) 
Anyway, obviously, I  loved the bedroom...
 the detail / craftsmanship of this home is Amazing:

The Best! 
I absolutely adore and want this bedroom by Richard Shapiro:
                                                             Classic, simple, beautiful:
                                 From a favorite blog, Style Beat, a bed of very cool fabrics:
                                   This one is striking but not overdone, and a tad different:

Orange and green again ...This one below has a freer feel
 to it which is also Really nice. That cool green wallpaper and 
the colorful rug make this room:

This unusual piece of leather nailed up so casually is kind of great!
 And, uh, if you know the source to this, please advise! I lost the link probably
 a couple of months ago...
< Do you know this child-room? >

I like to read in bed, so I'd add a light source, but this is just lovely --  Serene.
A perfect guest room.

This bedroom has an artistic romance about it. The placement
 of the pendants and the use of three is inspired!
The larger the image, the better this gorgeous, stylish room gets.
 It's really so Smartly done:
Check out the details of this terrific room:  tv on ceiling, desk fitting over bed, etc:

I love the thatched roof! What a dreamy retreat:

OK, I lied -- I know this here is an oldie. 
And it HAS made the rounds... But what a goodie:
I absolutely love this, but I do not have the discipline
 to refrain from adding colors that would ruin the effect.

I might be able to sleep here one night. Maybe two.
But then I'd go crazy.
 I think this intense, red-orange room would be great for a teenage boy.

This is just a beauty. 
Have a great day, a great evening, etc ! 
 And --  if you please --let me, Miss New-to-Blogging-Land, know what you think!

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