Friday, October 14, 2011

Warm, Rustic, Unique, Antique: Wallpaper + Partitions

Wallpapers and Partitions : They give Pizzazz, Personality, and even a New Reality for any room that needs help with the use of its space. And the results can be really wonderful:


Decorative bookcase wallpaper:

A bit of wallpaper on stair risers is a cheerful and not-too-difficult DIY:

Now THIS is amazing -- Wallpaper by Wallpapercollective:

Also check out that great copper lamp:

Functional and decorative:  room partition screens, developed by 

RazortoothDesign, are a lovely way to decorate, divide or define a room.

Below, modern Paisley and Groove room dividers: light going through

 the openings brings interesting changing shadows to a room. 

There are so many more wonderful wallpapers of so many scenes -- here are two favorites:


There is no limit to wall creativity-- Wall-LEGO:

And, back to "regular" wallpaper, though this is a bit unusual--

Humor added to a Garage Door. (I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS...)

...there are many other types of these garage-door designs in addition to these:



OK, this may be going a bit too far?

Would you agree that  some Wallpaper has become more Realistic?!
 That Reality is "flexible" ?!

Have a great Day!



  1. Yes, it did become more realistic. But again, you really need to think ahead. You should try to use things that will have longevity in your house, your designs. Adding pieces that are just too trendy will look outdated soon. I loved many wallpaper you've chosen here, especially the one on the stairs. Isn't that a great idea?!

    Have a great weekend.


    Luciane at

  2. Yes, I do like the stair risers getting a bit of attention. But for now, I am not doing anything. I know that trends are temporary, but for me it's hard to predict. I never thought that the white kitchens "trend" would still be so popular, but they're still around!

  3. I would love to do the elephant on the garage door...wouldn't the neighbors have a fit? Very fun post. Have a great weekend!