Friday, April 13, 2012

Well-Designed, with Comfort in Mind

Comfort in a Cottage

Comfort while savoring and sharing at a wonderful dinner party

Comfort in "Slutty Brownies" (recipe)

Comfort in being enveloped in the luxurious softness and calm of this room with a  view:

Comfort relaxing by the gorgeous pool after a good swim, 
sunning judiciously with sunscreen and umbrella shade.

Comfy Bedroom Oasis

Question:  Is this reality or just for show?
That beautiful teak and cane chaise looks tempting.
 But if I want to stretch out and relax, I probably 
would not pick the bathroom as the place to do that.

Design is surely about comfort and practicality 
in addition to the many aspects of Lifestyle that it covers.

Have a great day!!!!!
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