Friday, April 27, 2012

Feathered Cameroon Juju Hats + Other Feathered Head-toppers

What is that poof-thing on the wall? I've been asking myself that.
So I decided to research it a bit and show you how I fell in love!

 If you can't Wear them, Wall them:
They are Cameroon's tribal Juju Hats. 
Feathers are sewn onto raffia, and worn as hats by Cameroon's
 tribal leaders and by others of importance.
 The hats symbolize beauty ( the rare beauty of the feathers), prosperity,
 and the positive qualities associated with birds.
 So now that  understand, I LOVE them!


The inside of the hat:

As wall decor:

In the UK it's done a bit differently:


And also at Mardi Gras:

Interestingly, each example --  regardless of  sex, race or continent  --  connotes status.

Stick a feather in your cap!

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  1. I love juju hats! I created a DIY version (that I also sell on Etsy) for those of us that choke on the price tag. ;) You can find the tutorial here if you're interested: