Monday, April 9, 2012


Trying to figure out Instagram! 
Technology is amazing...Modern can be scary but beautiful...
And speaking of modern...
Sometimes we yearn for the clean, spare look of  "Modern" Design. 
 It has a bad rap for being cold and hard-to maintain unless one is quite OCD.
 But here I offer images of  Modern, and it's lovely... 
...and I'd live with it quite happily.

mixing in a bit of rustic...

This is so gorgeous that one might be happy to keep the counters relatively clutter-free~

This one would immediately get ( from me) a patterned, 
richly colored, non-modern rug.  
And some interesting pillows.
But that would still leave a lot of modern to love.

This would get nothing but the addition of friends so I could share this beauty!
OK, Maybe the terrace could use something with a bit of color...

This color scheme is wild and wonderful, and way too expensive...
but it's Dior's latest, it's modern-ish ( more deco, maybe?) 
so I threw it in for fun.

I think somehow a magical harmony was achieved here.
 And the fireplace/all-purpose bin is a great - and useful - conversation piece!

I love modern when it's not cold and stark. It feels luxurious, clean, and calm, but it always seems like a great setting for a great party. Lots of cool, modern ideas here... I guess you'd say that only a purist would reject them.

Have a great day!

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