Monday, April 2, 2012

Unusual Room Design and Decor Ideas

It's April 2nd, so we are safe after, a day of...surprises. 
So here are, with some unexpected, smart room ideas...
Mostly real:

This is creative, fun, and very real; one lucky kid's bedroom paradise:

Smart+original: Living Room...Inside of a computer!
For the devoted Geek, one really could 
do something like this in a real home, too...

Real, unexpected, but maybe not real(ly) comfortable?

Beams, boards, and the hanging beads behind the headboard.

A childhood love of LEGO turned into
 adult design whimsy.
Cost: $1000.00 to cover this island.
( You might consider paint, instead!)

 A Steampunk beauty:

Very real, very interesting idea, but a lot of fish tank maintenance!

For dining/cooking al fresco lovers:

And that's all the Smart, Unusual Design there is?
Nah,'s only the beginning...

Happy April 2nd ~

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