Monday, April 23, 2012


Ralph Lauren 2012

Plaid is a great Winter classic, but it's not just for Winter.
We are used to seeing bright and pastel plaids on the golf course,
but the Spring - Summer plaid colors really look great beyond that~
See  great design ideas here 
--  with plaids --  
from wintery warm colors miixed wth dark leather and wood,
 to being mixed with bright white or yellow walls and summery florals~
(and with a more"industrial" application!
It's a classic design spin:

Two of my Favorite Actors: Alan Cumming and ...
Bruce Campbell:

 the lighting too...

My poor husband hates plaid. I LOVE it. We have, therefore, agreed to disagree on that point. I have two beautifully upholstered yellow-black plaid chairs in our living room, one Winter plaid wool scarf, and a pair of fun pink plaid sneakers. That's it. But I'm always dreaming of more!  

Have a great day!

PS : 
Llttle House... and Game of Thrones ... wow
just sayin' ...

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