Sunday, April 22, 2012

Now THAT's a Backyard Pool! And Happy Earth Day!

Have a Pool Party to celebrate Earth Day! Surround your pool with chunky candles lit up at night, and remind everyone that your pool is earth-friendly and fun -- 
--and be sure to talk about recycling!
If you can't have the Pacific Ocean in your backyard --
 or any other gorgeous natural body of water behind your home....

...take a look at these beauties! How great to celebrate anything -- the fact that the sun is out, the day is warm --  here!

This amazing pool is part of the Las Piedras Villas (and  Fasano Hotel) in Uruguay. 

In Germany, a Beauty:

Earth's beauty is certainly in evidence here:

You could actually have both: a pool and an ocean in your back yard --!

Luckily, happiness really does NOT require 
huge amounts of cash;  this image below is
 perhaps the most beautiful  pool scene of all...

Happy Earth Day, Happy Pools, Everyone!


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  1. Some of these pools designs are incredible! My wife and I live oceanfront but have always wanted to put in a heated pool and hot tub for the colder months. Some of these ideas are amazing! We have been checking out some of the best California landscape designers to help design the area with rocks, waterfalls, ect. Should be pretty amazing once we get it in. These pictures will definitely serve as inspiration!