Saturday, April 21, 2012

Luxurious Charm

Country-fy the kitchen with wood gingham and beams, add a cozy stone fireplace, keep the appliances high end, and You have luxurious charm:

Fine modern art,  unique crystal lighting, soft shapes, muted colors, bold furniture,
 and the careful use of the richest fabrics:

A lovely, demurely hidden bathroom:

The clock, the shutters, the lighting, the Lucite chair
and  the reupholstered furniture
( and the rug as long as it is imitation...!):

Traditional clapboard house with the rustic shutters
and unpainted beams over the door --
I call that updated, understated Classic Style:

The unusual richness of the materials in the mirror, 
the lamp, and the bar cart ~ wow:

Fresh flowers on a Lucite table; simple, luxurious
 fabric; muted tones; and the indulgent headboard:

Rich, substantial, simple. Solid beauty:

Fine materials made with the happiest of designs,
 charming on their own and all together:

The stern look of the seriously stainless steeled, geometric kitchen,
 is loudly and prettily relieved by the exuberant red pendant,
 like a playful 5-year-old making noise during church ~

Bling, simplicity, calm, and prettiness:

All luxurious.
All charming.
For everyone.
 A touch of luxury that...
  • Avoids the pompous, 
  • Avoids the trying-too-hard-to-impress look!
  • Achieves a friendly, understated richness.
...Looks great, easy to live with,
easy to enjoy.

Have a great day!

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