Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shock and Awe in Interior Design

On occasion, interior designers elicit shock and awe with their work. Those of us who need a little time to adjust to change may not be able to say, "I like it" right away.  However, although I may be slow to adjust, I DO know that a design that seems Too New  or Too Much does not necessarily mean that it is bad. It is often an endless source of inspiration.  So although there is a lot here that is Too Much, it is all well-done and inspirational.

Kelly Wearstler designs have perfect placement, scale, color. 
The specific objects and pattern choices can be unsettling, yet they 
never fail to be immensely inspirational.

Beautiful picture! But dizziness from being surrounded by stripes
 is a real possibility. Too Much. But I am encouraged to consider stripes...

Beautfully done,but Terrifying For Anyone. I would worry about an infant in this room!

Patriotic, energetic, shiny, and..I like it. Great ideas here. Not too much for me : )

The beds are great. The rest is Too Much. This room has skulls-covered
 wallpaper, a cemetary/skeleton behind the beds...gimmicky. 
This "too much" seems...not good.

I LOVE this room; absolutely every square inch of it.
 And every square inch is indeed DONE. 
Many would consider it overdone...but I say it works. And  inspires.

I like this one a lot, too. It's only too much if the bright colors actually
 interfere with sleep. In the dark, I doubt it's a problem! So, not too much.

Way Too Much unless an entire extended family lived 
here in "apartments" Buckingham Palace style

But it's gorgeous, and in a beautiful location:

Too much...but definitely pretty...not especially inspiring...

Tons of great ideas here, while also being a bit Too Much:

And that is only my quickie take on the shock and awe factor in Interior Design.
 What do you think?
Have a great day!

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  1. I love the first on the left! Great use of texture!

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