Monday, January 2, 2012

A Last-Minute, Easy, Stylish Super Bowl Gathering!

                          Kick-off for  Super Bowl XLVI is tonight at  6:30 pm ET  on NBC                      
                                CALL YOUR FRIENDS to come over and watch it with you!
                                       Everything you need to make a great party is here.
                                                It won't take any time at all to set it up.

            Is Eli Manning ready to repeat the 2008 Giants v Patriots SuperBowl victory?

Unforgettable Commercials...

The grocery store might have this:

...and it sure would be nice to have this:

What You Do:
Get drinks, chips, dip,a veggie platter, cookies and, of course, in my home, chili at the grocery store . 
Do quick superficial house cleaning,
 take a shower, 
set up a bar,
 ice the drinks, and 
as the guests arrive they can help you put out the food. 

The Saints' fleur de lis makes the best ring...

Before the game crank up the tunes!


Go Saints! (Just Kidding....sniff)

I hope both teams do well, I hope everyone wins, and I hope everyone has a satisfying evening.

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