Monday, January 2, 2012

Feasible + Fabulous

Fabulous does not mean you must put the screws to your wallet .  
Below are very some smart ideas to help you achieve that Look without going broke:
Use fabulous wallpaper this way, at a fraction of the cost. 

Gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers can be 
used sparingly to GREAT effect:

    A Really Good DIY Sunburst Mirror:
~instructions to make mirror here~

Composition and a Bit of whimsy can be enough:

Re-cover and repaint 2 different old or thrift store chairs to "match".

An old re-painted chair can make a stylish side "table":

Branches,  preferably with bulbs or seed pods still attached: FREE

Books add warmth, coziness, and a personal feeling to a room.
 Store them out in the open. Also FREE:

Good composition, lack of clutter, awesome carpet choice, and creative
 lampshade-applique work -- plus an adorable dog -- makes this a steal!

Have a Fabulously Frugal Day!


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