Saturday, January 14, 2012

Glass Bottle Beauty, Winter Nesting

Start collecting bottles so that you can display the beauty of dried winter/fall branches, dried flowers, etc. And by the time Spring arrives you will have a good supply of bottles for displaying the beauty of the New Season!!. A favorite way to do it is shown here -- in recycled glass bottles and jars. Absolutely wonderful:

January/February is a good time to read a lot, drink a lot of hot tea and cocoa, collect branches, pine cones and rocks,and display them in bottles, jars, etc . 

Thinking ahead to spring reminds me to appreciate the beauty of the season I am actually in right now!  It's a good time to focus on the home -- nesting.

Benjamin Verdonck built a giant nest on the side of the Weena skyscraper in Rotterdam.
 I would never go as far as Benjamin Verdonck did with his human-sized, skyscraper-hugging nest.  But I think   --  being very much the Virgo-ish Cancer that I am -- Winter is a great time of year for Planning and Nesting. 

Have a warm, cozy day!

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  1. Valerie! Such a great solution to "post Christmas" decor....L.O.V.E.

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