Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Heart and Soul of Good Design

         While you are Stressing Out about Messy Homes and Getting Organized, 

remember that, "the heart and soul of good design is a place to pile your shoes"

 This was part of the comments made by my friend Ginger to go with the accompanying 

picture below. Her beautiful words made what we already know...

...well, it was timely during all of the New Year "Get organized" noise.  

                                   And her words made the truth meaningful.

Words from Ginger  to me on Facebook yesterday:

My foyer tonight...Valerie - the heart and soul of good design is a place to pile your shoes.... :-)... I'm sure I've told you about a conversation with B  (husband) a few years ago when I was trying to enforce a weekend tidying campaign with the boys. He turned to me and said that, one day, he and Wyatt would be gone and I could have a clean house, but until then, I had them and a messy house. Who can argue with that? Until they leave, I have a house of noise and laughter and crumbs and music and strange shoes in the foyer. When they are gone, I will buy less soda and wash fewer dishes - and I will miss my crumb patrol very much. He knows that. He knows I love looking at design photos and fantasizing about an organized home -- but that I am happiest when the house is crowded with living - a bit junked up with the accoutrements of life, perhaps - but a place of vitality and joy. I am making plans to kick back into entertaining adults when the kids dump me.....

Most of us could probably go a lot easier on our loved ones as they 

make their (normal) messes.    And we can go easier on ourselves when 

we feel as if the house is out of control.   The wisdom hit me hard:  

design is not more important than the people who live in it...

                                      Even if the room looks messy.   

Thank you, Ginger!!!

Enjoy your loved ones!


  1. Hello,

    Just found your blog, Iam from Brazil, and would love to copy your words on my blog, please let me know if it's ok.

    I will follow you.



    1. Of course, Fer, please copy the words.
      I wish my friend Ginger who actually said all of that would write and publish...
      Have a great day!