Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clever Use of Space in Design

A gloomy time of year is made brighter when hatching new ideas.  So start hatching!
 Below are several space-saving, function-enhancing, good-looking rooms. They'll make you say, What a great idea!"  They are all DO-able.
These rooms function very well, while being such inviting, comfortable living spaces. I am thinking about that blank, boring wall in my daughter's bedroom...maybe some shelves and/or cabinetry on each end, bed in the middle, curtains around the bed...Join me --  check out these ideas!

Fold-up Kitchen - Great for guest suite!

What a Great way to upgrade an old cabinet; upholstered cabinet!

A cute hideaway with books and....
A thrilling ride from the 2ND FLOOR down to......

Energize in the RED Shower!  An original, simple concept.

Lots of  Practical drying racks in a laundry room with Style.

Making an alcove for beds increases storage and space

Attic Closet ( I think I would make that mirror full-length and tri-fold...)
For the organized clothes horse, creating that closet would be a great gift! 

So not only are these ideas clever, but they can also be done on a limited budget. 
And worth every penny.

Have a great day! 
Start making plans for Spring!

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  1. Ok. Too much greatness in this post! Most covet- the basement slide with the hall bed. Best line - "I'll be upstairs. Dressing." Dreamy!