Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink Will Prevail.

Consider Pink ...


>It is a pretty, happy color, promoting easy conversation.
>Pink is generally calming.
>Pink is a trending color!
>It symbolizes love and romance, which I support.
>It is  favorable - auspicious -  for relationships & love ( in Feng Shui land).
>Many people hesitate to use pink in general home decorating plans because they just don't know how.
>Some think it's "too feminine" -  -  as - if -  that - is - bad - !!!!!  
>If you'd love pink, but  worry that another color "should" be used, here is an inspirational set of Pink-i-fied rooms, pale, fuchsia, magenta, etc. 
>All wonderful:

This happy room was designed by Debra Martinson, 
DM Interiors via
more detail below:


Debra Martinson, DM Interiors via

           In a pink room, Hamish Bowles displays his collection of fezzes on stacks of pink books :


Betty Murdock, Betty Murdock Interiors,via

Tobi Fiarley at home in Little Rock, AR
 with 5-yr-ole daughter Ellison via Trad Home

room designed by Tobi Failey via
Christian Dior said that  the colors that "will prevail "are pale turquoise, grey and PINK.


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