Friday, September 16, 2011

Phoebe Howard - Smart design

Have you always read "shelter" magazines and books? Books, that is, about interior design ?  I've always had stacks and stacks of wonderful shelter magazines lying around.  I still  go through all of them. Good design moves through each trend and continues to look great. I found Phoebe Howard's work a couple of years ago in one of my favorite sources, Atlanta Homes + Lifestyles Magazine.
 Both the Mrs Howard designs and the Max and Company designs seem ageless,. Their work is absolutely TOP drawer. Some of these pictures have been around for at least a couple of years.  But the look holds up, fresh, cheerful, sophisticated and beautiful, as if t was all put together this week.  I hope these pictures give you a thrill of appreciation, no matter how many times you may (or may not) have seen it. And I have some advice for you at the end. : )
This room  has been a favorite of mine for at least a year. I doubt it will ever go out of style. It is quite a gem.
 Classic, traditional design that looks fresh, modern, original...Subtle, nuanced design detail can make a huge impact. I know I do not know the Half of it, design-wise, but doesn't it seem that the best results are the ones that APPEAR to be un-fussy, simple and sophisticated?  Wonder how much planning goes into that!

Predictably, the next step is this blog ( not a very pretty word, but what else to call it?!?!?!)  Now I can share all of this "stuff" with YOU.  Hopefully, we are like-minded in this design madness. 

  I REALLY love dong this! What a great way to formalize and perhaps justify the time I spend  looking  at and drooling over design. 

Now THAT's a mirror!
I just love oohing and aahing over it all with y'all!
The portfolio collection of Howard designs can be seen here. Meanwhile,  I hope that you have gotten a thrill, no matter how many times you may ( or may not) have seen these  shots.

Public Service Announcement:. "remember to blink while sitting at the computer. It will help your eyes to focus and stay moist. Stand up and stretch, too! That helps everything.

... I'm just sayin' ...

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. What a beautiful blog you have created! I love the rooms you have showcased and while a small part of me wishes to have something similar, I really do love my home with all its warts and wrinkles.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving the kind comment. I will be back to drool here, but I promise to clean up my mess.

  2. Thanks, Knitty ( I know there is a good story behind that name)-- My house is a cavernous, too-many-square-feet house that we bought when we moved here from L.A. many years ago. We tend to live in one room, and my continuing mission is bring in warmth and joy. When you have that, no designer can top it.

  3. What gorgeous interiors!! There is nothing better than good design in a home!

  4. Wow! It's so nice to meet you and see your gorgeous blog! I'm loving this post. Really inspirational!

    Wishing you a blessed week!


    Luciane at

  5. Valerie,
    I'm originally from Atlanta. Lived there my whole life, had two fabulous houses (one was featured on HGTV's Groundbreakers way back in 2003). I sold that house in May and moved to the beach. I'm in the process of building a pool house/cabana, and the best way to describe what I envision for the spot is "funky beach cottage." Any ideas for me?

    Love the blog. I got a kick out of seeing that you were a psychotherapist in your former life. I don't know about you, but living in a beautiful spot does wonders for my mental health!

  6. Drew -- I know -- Phoebe Howard is amazing.

    Luciane -- aw shucks, you are too sweet -- and you MUST know I am enjoying your blogging!

    And Grace, I wish I could have spied on the HGTV "event". I was around...As for the funky beach cottage, Project, maybe I should do a post on the "Funky Beach" Look. Inspired by you. do funky very well~!

  7. Here is a Funky Fun Fact: the letter " " does not work on my computer. IIIIIIIiiiiiiiii