Monday, September 19, 2011

Questioning Orange

Choosing to put the color orange into your interior design mix is not a risk-free decision. It's effects can be overwhelming, irritating, stifling, or even offensive. But in the right orange in the right space can be dramatic and energizing


 Suzanne  McGrath former Style Editor and Producer at Martha Stewart Living Television ,  has a wonderful blog with her daughter, Lauren called Good Bones Great Pieces. A couple of years ago, she posted, "... this is the foyer of our home, reinvented by the editors (thanks Eric and Kevin) of the magazine.  At the time, I thought it was too much, and couldn’t wait to paint it back to bird’s egg blue.  But lately I've been thinking, maybe I should have left it like this…It’s kind of fabulous, don’t you think?" 
 McGrath was admiring this white sofa with the bold orange blanket, extolling virtues of orange, which she uses - carefully -  throughout her own designs.
via Good Bones, Great Pieces
via Maison de Ballard

via Eck + MacNeeley

Soft, gentle, this orange is almost peach.

My son & friend asleep on his dorm's 
orange leather sofa (!)

via House + Garden
This pastel orange might have seemed sort of washed out
without the vibrant young green next to it

Could not resist this room designed by Mabley Handler.
The very slightest hint of orange tones in the wood,
 the pottery bowl, maybe some books.

small spaces
This tiny kitchen deserves a close look for it's ingenuity of design


via BHG


  1. I love orange and this helped me think of ways to use it that I never have considered. Thanks!

  2. I am so in love with orange! A happy color!
    The images are great1

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi Pam! So glad you liked it.

    Hi Laura! I love sharing this stuff...

    You BOTH have blogs that I Love.
    And your comments make me Very Happy!

    :) Valerie