Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Need a "Thumbs-Up!" Button For These

Simply lovely:

A  shot of orange

The most gorgeous wall color, with the perfect touch of green

Modestly beautiful, casual elegance. Makes everyone comfortable. 
And Then ...

while visiting All Things Ruffnerian, a blog that always provides a new road of discovery, I found this beautiful Alexander Hamilton portrait collage of  banknotes and financial documents, created by Milton Glaser in the 1960's. It  would look great in the office of anyone who is in bankng or accounting, etc.  The rest of  the Ruffnerian post is just as cool, and I recommend a close look, HERE.



  1. Just checked out your images on Pinterest - love the fact that you like a twist in decorating not perfection - interesting bits and pieces in a room give it soul and make it personal - SP
    PS love the collage, it would look so right in my husbands office!

  2. Thank you, Sarah! As you may have noticed, I am loving your images from Winton House! I have more of them on my Pinterest page. So it means a lot to get this message from you... : )

  3. Hello Valerie!! tks for dropping by. It was amazing to know you love my brazilian blog. You are always welcome!! by the way, you have a fantastic blog too!!!

    Happy friday



  4. Definitely some fantastic rooms in this post! Happy weekend!

    And thank you SO much for your super sweet comment on my blog! It meant a lot to me!