Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unexpected Color

This  first photo ( among others that are great) showed up in my inbox today from Interior Design Ideas.  Hence, this post about unexpected color...

Up high on a wall in a series of color blocks, on banisters, under tables, in stairwells, sinks, floors, cabinet and shelving backs, door edges, hinges, and more --
Color can surprise you!
Martha Stewart recently  made it OK to color the edge of a door....
(It's not as if no one has ever painted a door and tried to decide if the edge should match the Inside or the Outside. And thought to themselves, "What about the edge being its Own color?")
Here is a  "Martha" example, but you will also see more examples of really fun ways to add charm and character to a room.
Here are more wonderful examples of color surprise:

Magnus Anesund via

And, painted hinges. Why not? 
Why not electric Blue? Or shiny Black?:

How about  adding a little Something to the stairs? Look at the banister:

And look! All business in the kitchen until... you get inside the sink, where the Fun is hiding!

And the dog has found the colors of a rainbow on part of the upstairs flooring:

Now this, below, is not exactly a hidden or shy use of color. From the chairs to the books to the ceiling, it is all OFF the beaten path. The huge white pear is different...

In addition to seeing a very Pink room, we get a hint of green, hiding Under the table:

I think the hot pink sink wins as Most Unexpected. You?


  1. Oh, I love color! I do think that that sink is totally unexpected. But I adore the door with the pop of color around the edge - wow!

  2. So many vibrant colors! I love the 1st picture. I could stare at that view all day!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  3. I love the second photo --- a red stripe on the edge of a chartreuse door is so unexpected and clever! I couldb't pull it off in my home. but in a colorful contemporary, it is genius!

    Great photos! I have never seen anything like them!

    Your newest follower,