Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazing, Out-of-This-World Lighting

I found some unusual lighting today. Some of it is just beautiful, some of it really challenged me. Each fixture seems to suffer from some sort of Identity Crisis. That is my professional opinion....... I have some to show you.

The secret to this pendant's inability to appropriately connect is here:

This clever lamp below, by Paul Cocksedge, thinks it is a vase that holds real flowers. Actually, I should say that it insists that it is a flower vase. The lamp goes OFF when the flower dies, and will not turn on again until you put in another fresh flower! Very stubborn lamp...and lovely.


This next pair just cracked me up!
I found these lamps today via Bizzotto...statues of men and women with lampshades instead of heads.
My first thought: Creepy!
My second thought: well, if no young children are around, it's a fun, funny conversation piece. Still creepy...
Does anyone have any ideas on this?!
This  Beau et Bien Ombrella  lamp thinks it is an umbrella. It works indoors and out, actually does provide shade, AND it's very pretty!

This is a 1953 sconce by William Hanes that you may have seen. I absolutely LOVE it! :

The next two, huge chandeliers by David Dimpiero,
remind me of  graceful, modern, elongated flowers.



And here is a " Chandelier Shower", by Bisazza Bagno. This is an over-the-top but wonderfully fun working shower head inside a glamorous array of crystals.

via and via

These pendants, painstakingly made of handblown glass with small shards of blue, resemble planets.


This triangular "suspension" is composed of 5  low-voltage halogen bulbs,
 " meant to focus light on a lnear work surface."

And below is a Ceramic Washbasin/Lamp.
I guess it should go in the bathroom with the showerhead/chandelier!
And here are some odd ones, Mannequin Lamps, that are sort of charming. Much better than the statues, huh?
My daughter would LOVE these:

      Such personality!

    This is the" Ra"  desk lamp, designed by Ettore Cimimi of Lumina Italia..
 A single bulb is in the base and the light travels up and out, onto the desk.
                                                               Hmm. Looks like a rattlesnake. S-S-S
And then we have under-cabinet teacups...
not odd enough for THIS post...

and, uh, a cow abduction lamp by designer Lasse Klein. ha ha!


And, thanks to the website of,  I found my all-time favorite. Kozo is the name of the line of these Faucet-and-Pipe lamps. The design is practical, sturdy, it has personality, it is not your average lamp, and, after looking over an Awful lot of Awful, it is very pleasing to this battered Eye:

And the baby brother:

As the days grow shorter, I must go get a supply of full-spectrum bulbs...

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