Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beautiful Lighting makes Beautiful Rooms

I'm very pro-lots-of-lighting -- lighting to turn up, turn down, use to spotlight, to enhance interior or exterior features, set a mood for study, romance, cozy reading, cleaning the house, or ...well, YOU know.  It does so much more than just illuminate things. It sets a mood, hopefully a good one. I think that's what interior design is all about. (Candles and fire light is part of that, but not today.) In addition to choosing just the right fixtures, remember that if you use the right light bulbs, (you probably already know this, right?) you can prevent some of the side effects of  the upcoming season's shorter days and reduced exposure to sunshine, like Seasonal Affective Disorder. You can read about "SAD" here .
This  room, which I LOVE, has no apparent lighting. Wouldn't a pretty standing lamp by the red chair, and a simple chandelier/pendant over the dining table be great?

     It is a gorgeous room. I love it. Then, when I did my usual check-in with Tobi Fairley's blog, I found a post showcasing some of the items at Urban Electric Co  Here are 3 of them:
This one is on my wish list

   I thought no lighting fixture could do 
anything but distract from the overall appeal of that great dining/library room.  But maybe
  I was wrong.  When I visited the Urban Electric Co.'s website (I could not 
get enough!) I saw items that - dare I say it? - might enhance the use of the room.  
I was blown away by all the lighting and by the beautiful 
interiors and exteriors where their designs were used:               

                  These next two designs are on my wishlist (sigh) for my dining room and front hall.
                                              Now I know where I'm going to get them.

    Here is the Urban Electric Co. website ( that's a link to it, I hope). There is SO much more...!

ps Isn't that a beautiful staircase?


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