Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blue and Yellow All Year Long

Some broad generalizations can be made about Blue and Yellow:

Blue: Calming, Cooling, Peaceful. Aids Intuition and Focus. Enhances the body's ability to produce calming chemicals, and it helps one to go to sleep easily. Most people say this is their favorite color. 
Yellow: Mentally stimulating, Activates Memory, Encourages Communication. Gold hues promote optimism and hopefulness about the future. It is an energizing color and has been shown to enhance creativity.


So first, here is  a relaxed, peaceful, down-to-earth bedroom . Color seems to be what gives this room a sort of country elegance:

And then this fabulous bathroom,which is a study in Clever. I don't think this blue is easily categorized.
This bath, in The House and Garden Showhouse ( MR Architecture + Decor) has features that
go far beyond blue & yellow. Despite the apparent simplicity of the design, it conveys Big Personality.
  Winter berries against a crisp blue sky. I don't think we get those here:

Oscar de la Renta - In this outfit,  you could take the jacket off - and put it on again - throughout the day, ditch the heels (which would have broken my ankle immediately) for boots or flats to maybe go to work (depends), walk the dog, run to the bank, or pick up the kids at school  -- and make sure you get out of the car so everyone can see that beautiful outfit!  At 6 pm, you can force those heels back on, jazz up the earrings, and have a romantic night out!

Beautiful furniture ... from

So cozy and warm   via

       from House Beautiful 


House Beautiful: It is always Spring here.

Designer Tom Stringer. Lots of balance & symmetry.

 LOVE the framed photograph, which provides a nice mini-break 
every time you look at it. ( the lennox, via
Adidas Women's Shoes ( try to read the tag! Mirror image.)

A classic, welcoming entry, by designer Ashley Whittaker.

In late summer and early Fall, pears are finally in season! (Southern Living)
via Vogue Italy
On the Fall 2011 fashion runway:
via Vogue Italy
In Antarctica, blue and yellow is de rigueur
We take our cues from Nature.
Well-planned, good looking details in this country kitchen: marble on the hutch, a thick butcher-block-top counter, nice brass (?) knobs on the railing, charming round window, crank windows, hanging pots & pans rack, the beautiful wood from floor to ceiling, and the colors. A very satisfying design:
From Country Living

The sweater over a summer dress is a cute & practical outfit during the transition
from summer to fall. (

Here's something I'd never seen before, and it even  fits my blue-yellow theme ...

               ... the Very Original "Chiquita Chandelier", by Anneke Jakobs - !

The blue comes from somewhere, but I haven't figured it out. If you know, please advise  : )
(by Amy Bubier,

Too much?

                  Depends on how cold it gets!  Meanwhile, blue and yellow is good to go this
                                       Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer in my book!

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