Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summertime Fantasy to Inspire Everyday Design

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!!!!  
Most of us cannot afford to live on the ocean... But it's fun to look, to dream.
And get inspired to have our own summer fun!

Where there is a will, there IS a way.

If there is something that you like and want, 
take the ideas and tailor them to your space. 
Your creativity and attention to detail 
can give you surprisingly happy results...
like, don't forget to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset, 
maybe outside with the sprinklers on 
while the kids ( and/or you ) run through it....

This just looks like a wonderful escape...
(Fan or a/c included, of course)

This one just inspires me to find a cozy-feel place to sun and swim

Summer in the City: the big appeal here, aside from the city itself, is the
 huge window/open-airy concept.
 A gorgeous almost foolproof combination for any home.

oh ....sigh...this...well, it inspires jealousy ...sorry, folks...sigh...
But if you're enjoying the fantasy, you gotta see more pictures of this here.

    This modern, clean, simple pool area is a great look on any scale, large or small:

A stainless steel kitchen that opens on to the back yard 
( or ocean, if you have one) creates an easy-entertaining space.
Entertaining leads to friends and...
Friends make any space beautiful.

     I like the addition of an outdoor bar/seating area to any back yard:

Again, making use of the window: if you don't have an ocean, harbor or other majestic piece of nature, put flowers, bamboo, sculpture...just 
landscape the heck out of whatever you have to work with!

And I pinned this a while ago as the BEST tiny back yard/pool look I've ever seen. Good enough to fantasize about. Not completely unrealistic:

The BEST idea for summer fun:


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