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I am slightly bugged by this article about an "overpropped life" in Thursday's NYTimes.
Now I should point out that he writer, Steven Kurutz, really didn't do anything all that bad...he wrote a slightly tongue-in-cheek, gentle criticism of some of the excesses of the design world. 
His points had plenty of truth.
But it bothers me! 
Yes, it seems a waste to hold on to an old typewriter if you never use it.
But that's if you are a minimalist. Or my husband.
Turning each and every book around so the binding doesn't show...
...yeah, kind of silly.
But it sure looks good!  
Doesn't he understand Eye Candy?!
He surely understands how  pleasing, attractive, sexy, edgy, visual cues can affect a person.
Sadly, I  think that perhaps he does not grasp the thrill of the well-done Industrial Look .
Or the clever Bohemian style, or Color-Blocking. 
Does he even know about Neutral-tones and rooms that POP?!?
As a result, Mr. Kurutz's article is slightly arrogant.
                                                   Yes, overall, it was all in good fun. 
But this kind of burned:
 " vintage typewriters sit on school desks too small to be functional; books have been arranged on shelves by color to reflect some perceived notion of good design. A few examples are shown on this page; if you can count three or more in your home, you may be over-propped."
I perceive BUGS as great Design today!
Other than this first guy (whose mother probably ate his father),
 I found some great looking stuff:

I love this bathroom!

 And, finally, a word of Wisdom~

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito. 
 ~Betty Reese

Have a great day!

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