Friday, May 25, 2012

Bedrooms: SMART new looks.

Oh the Joy of  restful, refreshing sleep! Or simply enjoying some time alone: to lie quietly in a stylish,, artfully designed bedroom: to and gather one's thoughts,,maybe do a little reading -- or pinning, blogging or both -- or perhaps a quick nap...High School Graduation for my son was late this afternoon, but with arriving early, the post-ceremonial picture-taking and meeting and greeting, followed by a multi-family dinner out..It was an 81/2 hour affair!
 I enjoyed myself a great deal, felt the pangs of separation getting stronger, pushed back a few tears and a few glasses of wine..I am exhausted! No wonder bedrooms come to mind!

These bedrooms include some very smart takes on a lot of popular design ideas, including theruse of beams, industrial elements, natural fiber, toile, and mirrored furniture. Take a look!

The Pioneer Lady, Ree Drumond's daughter's room:

Designer Tracy Reese's bedroom:

Renovated and designed by Mike + Trina Burke of A Country Farmhouse:

A Braebourne Farm find:

And then some Dandy scenes from 1st Dibs:

So smart, quite inspiring, and it's just fun to see a sophisticated edge to the styles

Have a great day!

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  1. So much to love!!! I have those French corner bobbin chairs, too.

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    1. I have looked at your website -- lovely items. Where is it, and how does one order?